“Who We Are”


Who We Are

From a modest beginning at our flagship location in the heart of downtown Brampton at the historic Rose Theatre, to our newly opened second venue on Lakeshore Boulevard east of Islington Avenue in Toronto’s West Beach, our exciting expansion is well underway.


At Pawn Kings Inc. we believe in customer satisfaction based on ensuring that customers’ comfort level and confidence in the service we provide will cement a long lasting relationship, whether you’re liquidating or acquiring. In addition to buying and selling a variety of items, we also provide instant loans.


In demand items such as electronics, ranging from cameras, video consoles and games, computers, laptops and ipods, to home theatre systems and cell phones are always welcome and available. Some additional niche markets we cover are car audio products, vintage collectibles, gold and silver jewelry, watches, guitars and other music products, along with bicycles and rare or unique items.


The Pawn King Advantage


–        Competitive Market Prices: new, used, buying, selling

–        Instant, 100% hassle-free loans: Twenty per cent for one month

–        No other charges or hidden costs

–        Monthly rollover available

–        Borrow against gold or other valuables that you don’t want to part with permanently

–        Open 10-8 Monday thru Thursday and 10-6 Friday and Saturday for your convenience

–        Buyers and purveyors of quality items only

–        Drop in to say “Hi” and see what’s new, you’ll leave with a smile, and plans to return

–        Free 1 hour parking in Brampton beneath the Rose Theatre, off Theatre Lane


Thanks for visiting our website. Hope to see you soon in person.